Molly got her start as a maker helping around the house with restoration projects, and learned about wood and woodworking after frequent vintage furniture shopping with her family as a kid. She gained initial woodworking experience while taking workshops after college and while teaching younger makers how to create their own woodworking designs at a local non-profit. Molly currently likes using mixed media and recycled materials like tile incorporated into her inlay projects. She likes that woodworking can be both a forgiving medium and also a calculated challenge with a broad spectrum of creative capability.


Sarah is a self taught builder involved in the Austin art scene building installations and set pieces for events in her spare time. With a background in film & video, she has created multiple short films with self designed special effects and props. Outside of building, Sarah sews her own clothing and works full time as an animator, synthesizing works in physical and digital form throughout all aspects of her life. If not creating, you’ll find her caring for her 300+ plants and succulents.


Miranda’s always found life through creating new projects and learning new skills. She found her way to wood working after a friend offered to help her build her own dining room table and has been hooked since. After spending so much of her day looking at a screen, she loves having physical projects that reconnect her to the world. Aside from wood working, she also spends time sculpting with clay, sketching, and making punch needle rugs.