Broads and Boards (B&B) was started in 2016 by Leeann Terwilliger, a social worker and woodworker in Austin, TX when she opened up her garage workshop for her female friends to learn.  Through partnerships with other community organizations Leeann recognized that there was deficit of woodworking learning opportunities for women and an overwhelming community interest. In 2017, Leeann teamed up with her longtime friend Cate Graziani to turn B&B into a more formal community space, which has continued to organically grow in response to community demands.


Broads and Boards is dedicated to empowering self-identifying women in woodworking and other skilled trades through workshops and events that promote access, education, and community.


To transform the perception of women-identified individuals in woodworking and other trade fields.  While B&B is focused on supporting women we are also aware of the complex layers of privilege that exist in these environments and are also committed to eliminating barriers to inclusion related to gender, race, class, and physical ability.

Core Values

Broads and Boards work is guided by the following core values:

  • Creativity
  • Inclusion
  • Empowerment
  • Community